Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Saturday, 24 November 2007

What s this all about then?


Back when I was growing up my favorite toys were my action force figures, yeah I had Star Wars figures, Transformers, Lego and the ever popular Action Man to keep me entertained but Action Force was my main interest. Along with the toys there was Battle Action Force a comic following the adventures of Z Force, SAS, Q Force and Space Force as they battled Baron Ironblood and his Red Shadows. For more information on the toys and a massive collection of the comics go here.

Anyway, as an homage to my favorite childhood toy range in it's 25th anniversary year I will be assembling, modifying, sculpting and painting a collection of wargames miniatures to represent the troops of Action Force and the Red Shadows. This will be a year long project of nothing but self indulgence and I make absolutely no bones about that!

So, sit back and enjoy 2008 as the Baron and his evil minions try to take over the world opposed, as ever, by Action Force.

Stay lucky,