Wednesday, 2 January 2008

SAS: Hawk and Blades


meadows boy said...

So crazy it is fantastic! Used to get Battle comic every week but was never much a fan of Action Force prefered Charley's War & Johnny Red but I think I am a bit older than you!
Your project is a great idea and what a brilliant start, good luck and I am looking forward to lots more updates, it brings back lots of memories!

Soapy said...

Thanks mate!

More, much more, to come but due to that pesky real world I doubt I'll be able to get stuck back in until after Salute. It's like a big lead ball on the rubber sheet of my free time. Damn those sculpting deadlines!

Stay lucky,

Anonymous said...

There quality ..are they available to buy?

Soapy said...

Sadly not! All of the miniatures in the project (well almost) are either converted or scratch built, Hawk and Blades are scratch builds. What with the IP issues surrounding the subject matter I'm not sure I could viably produce them even if I had cast them up.

Glad you like them though.