Monday, 1 September 2008

Z force: Infantryman


anevilgiraffe said...

excellent as always Soapy...

Pontiff O'hm Aracha said...

I may have missed it in a post but what are the base figures you are using for conversion?

Soapy said...

So far I have used:

Red Shadows: Foundry WWII germans

Z Force Infantry: MoFo miniatures (through gripping beast)argentinian and british for falklands war

Muton: HLBSC deep sea divers

Skeletron: Copplestone castings terminator robots

Quarrel (WIP): Hasslefree miniatures Dionne(I think..)

Eagle: OOP MoFo spacegate adventurers.

All of the other are scratch builds some of which use master parts from a number of ranges which I have sculpted in the past (mostly MoFo).

Hope this helps.

More to come soon,

Soapy said...

Oh yeah, the SAS attack trooper is a pulp figures zeppelin trooper.

I knew I'd forget something...